Thursday, June 11, 2015

Killing Stupid Keychain Prompts in OS X

One of the worst things Apple has done in OS X was to create what's called the Keychain.  The intention is that it's a password manager app integrated inside OS X.  If you can help it do not turn this on when initially installing OS X, choose not to use it.  I believe you might need to use it for mobile development I don't know but at all costs if you don't have to do not use this garbage.

But if you do turn it on, you will eventually at some point come across pains with it.  

Specifically you'll eventually get to a point where you'll change your OS X password or domain password or something like that which will cause keychain to throw fits because KeyChain gets out of sync with your new password and still maintains the old password so it throws up at you every time you log in with prompts like these below, forcing you to still input your old password:

So I was literally having to input my OLD password 5 times every time I came into work and logged into Yosemite.  At a certain point, you go crazy and want to resolve this.  Well it's not that easy unless you find the perfect combination of threads out there that allows you to keep Keychain at peace and I feel I've found that combo.

Here's what I did to resolve this Garbage.  If Steve Jobs was here today, I'd hit him on the head for creating such garbage in OS X.  Otherwise I love OS X.

Change your Keychain Core Password

  • Command + space opens up the spotlight search.  Type keychain, and open keychain access
  • Go to Edit | "Change Password for Keychain Login" and most likely it's still using your old OS X login password.  Change it to reflect the current password if you recently changed your OS X / domain password

This doesn't resolve the problem yet though.  One would think it should but it doesn't.  Now proceed to the next step.

Delete the Keychain Folder

Per this article, delete your keychain folder.  
  • Command + Shift + G to bring up the goto folder/file prompt
  • Type in ~/Library/Keychains/
  • Delete your keychains folder, yours will be different.  See my screenshot:

  • Restart OS X
Then cross your fingers that it stays put and stops bugging you.  So far it's been working for me.