Monday, February 1, 2016

Setting up OBS with Audio Output in Mac OS X

OBS (Open Broadcast Software) is a free streaming software option used for streaming stuff on and a slew of other sites out there.

I'm using SoundFlower for a bunch of different things like recording streaming music, and also for streaming audio playing through my desktop to and other live coding stream sites.

Here is how to setup OBS to stream audio playing on my MacBook pro.  So if you're on a site like or similar situation where you are streaming and want to share audio you are playing you can.

1) Install SoundFlower which is now on GitHub as a new guy took it over so that's where you can get the installs now
2) Open Audio MIDI Setup on the Mac OS X
3) Add a new aggregate device and select Built-in microphone and Soundflower (2ch)

4) Add a new Multi-Output Device and select Built-in Output and Soundflower (2ch) and change master device to Soundflower (2ch).
(Note: If you don't select Built-in Output then you're not going to hear a thing through your speakers or headphones.)

5) Open OBS and go to Settings and in the Audio section select Soundflower (2ch) as your Desktop Audio Device and set Mic/Auxiliary Audio Device to your Built-in Microphone or if you're using an external mic, select that.

6) Open sound and set the output to Multi-Output Device
Now just start a recording to verify it's working before you start to stream live and the mp4 that's created locally should now be playing whatever audio you were streaming.

Here's a YouTube vid showing it actually does work that I recorded.


  1. I followed the steps but when the video is recorded there is no desktop audio in it. . .

  2. I use MP4 as the video format, and my screen looks exactly like the one above.

  3. it's finicky. You have to play with unchecking stuff and re-checking it in the Audio MIDI setup. The above is indeed what I'm using. You might have to also re-install soundflower, I found that when I upgrade to new major versions of OS X sometimes I have to reinstall soundflower as well. That's the best I can tell but the above IS working for me. Here's a video of me showing it actually does work

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