Sunday, February 15, 2015

Windows 8 install "GPT partition style" Error and Resolution with OS X Yosemite

You're trying to setup dual boot with Windows 8 on your Macbook Pro.

You've done the following:

  • Created a bootable Windows 8 installation USB drive created by the boot camp utility in Yosemite
And after all that, you boot up and assume to select that boot-able USB drive in order to install Windows 8 with it:

But then during the Windows 8 install wizard, you select the partition you expect to be able install Windows 8 on and on the selected partition you've gotten the infamous error "Windows cannot be Installed on this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style".  You try to delete the partition and attempt to recreated it and format it and yet it still doesn't rid this error.  Nothing you do works...and you're about to give up.

You've pulled your hair out a few times and you are now bald.

What do you do?

Boot up using the EFI boot partition first instead:

Once you select the EFI boot drive, it'll kick off your bootable BootCamp created USB Windows install drive and this time the windows 8 install wizard will be fine and you will not see this error when selecting your partition in which to install Windows 8 on.

I am sure I've had this very same pain before in prior Mac OSX or my previous Macbook Pro laptop, but I just did not remember.  So now I'm blogging about it so I do remember next time and so it hopefully reminds others ;).


    This has solved all of my problems.

  2. After many attempts this has finally solved my issue. Many thanks :)

  3. Such a simple solution sitting right in front of me the whole time. Why Apple? Why don't you make these tiny hiccups more clear to solve instead of making us crawl all over the web for solutions like this???

    1. Had this exact same issue with Windows 10 bootcamp install on macOS Sierra. So obviously Apple hasn't looked into helping users with this...

  4. Yea, hope my post helped did it? I don't really use Windows anymore. When I do it's for games. Given I should have bought a 1 teribyte hard disk for my macbook pro, I don't partition anymore on this PC, the hard drive is too small..using Parallels. Once I get a new Macbook I'll definitely be partitioning again.

  5. Easiest and best solution.

  6. Hi! I hope you are still monitoring or at least receive a notification in this thread. Im not sure i follow, so after you boot up using EFI boot partition then what do you do afterwards?

    First, before even pick the boot option, there is only OSX, recovery and EFI boot on me. There is no “windows” as an option as shown on the picture above.

    Second, when i try to boot up using EFI boot as you said, i still cant install windows. I couldnt format or do anything.

    Please help :(

    Thank you.

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