Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Ultimate TDD Resource List

If you are doing true TDD on your team, please post on the @WeDoTDD twitter page.

I started that page fairly recently as I am compiling a list and this is the start of that.  So please post don't be shy I want to know if your company and team does it.  I want stats on this and hopefully those stats grow and give a better picture of the landscape for who is using it these days.  I know it's growing, that's definitely for sure but it's hard to guage who and how much.

I've worked very hard at learning TDD first in C# and now I'm doing it in all JavaScript these days... and have gained exponential benefits from it for sure.  

Along the way and as I continue on, I have compiled a list of growing resources.  I'd like to share those in a nice list people can kinda dive into in hopefully a simple and clear way.  

This blog post will grow Indefinitely

I'll add items to this list as I find good quality videos, posts, etc.  So keep this a favorite page that you ought to re-visit at times as it grows.

There are a ton of new resources popping up these days on TDD, those resources are growing exponentially I've noticed at a crazy rate.  So it gets hard to keep track of what's all out there on the subject..and which resources help more than others...sifting through that forest can be daunting as someone learning TDD.

This list has links that I feel are worth anyone's time who wants to learn more about TDD.  I'm careful what links I put up as I review the content in them carefully before I suggest them.  

I want people to be able to maximize their time and learn TDD ASAP.  But keep in mind, learning TDD ultimately takes persistence, hard work, and you'll eventually get there and I can tell you that you will love it.  All the haters of TDD usually base it on being informed and bad experiences with it but when done right, it works as described, and works wonders.  You just gotta learn it right from the right people and the right resources.

There is nothing better than to pair with someone who knows it on a daily basis.  That's how you ultimately get a team over that hump.  However, supplemented with these resources below along the way help also but don't think just watching these or reading these will get you to understand and be a Guru at TDD instantly.  

Again it takes work.  It really takes pairing with someone who knows it.  I will repeat that many times.

Also just because you've been burned by it or you saw it work against you, don't disregard it and give up.  There are a lot of places doing TDD wrong.  There are right ways to go about doing TDD.  And if you haven't been exposed to that I can totally understand the fight against it.  But please keep and open mind and start digging into the resources below.  And if you can find someone who knows it well and has had success with it and strive to pair with them.  

I am also color coding the links in this list to hopefully steer you to the best resources to dig into first.  All the links will be quality, but I feel there are some that I suggest to people to start with first as a newbie.  

Here's the legend:

General Learning Sites

Movement Against

OK, haters, go ahead and get it out of your system.  It's good for your health.  Don't keep it in, let it out.  Breath.

Now for those of you with a fresh open mind, listen to these, but take these with a grain of salt.  Meaning These are posts based on those who have been burned by TDD, or who haven't truly tried or understand it, or haven't been guided how to do it properly and thus they end up marching against it. 

TDD has evolved and already been proven, if done right.  But, these guys try to persuade otherwise again based off uninformed experiences or information.

Start Here       

       Definition of
      •  TDD - agile alliance

My appologize for the crappy formatting in the lists above.  They're not aligning as I see it in the blogger editor.  I plan on ditching blogger soon, and please don't use blogger, it's wysiwyg is absolutely horrible.  

This list will grow, will update it sometime this week; I have a lot already handy to list just didn't have time tonight to continue this post yet.

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